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HATIFI TAWASUL Service bundle
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Subscribe in HATIFI TAWASUL to get calling feature of value (100,000 YER) for such calls within fixed phone network in city or between cities for a whole month of monthly subscription of (1000 YER). HATIFI TAWASUL has likely limitless borders with very affordable subscription fees; be a part of HATIFI TAWASUL family now.


1.      Monthly subscription (1000 YER).

2.      Installation for new line (4000 YER).

How to subscribe:

1.  Identity prove for individuals

2.  Subscribers Services Centers through all provinces in the Republic 


1.      Ability to call within fixed phone network for free with fixed monthly subscription.

2.      Make international calls using TeleYemen cards through dialing 196

3.      Call outside fixed phone network using HATIFI cards through dialing 182.

4.      Ability to change from postpaid or prepaid to HATIFI TAWASUL for free.