Yemen Telecom
Personal (HATIFI)

Through this service you can get many features that enable you to control your line and stay in touch with higher flexibility, with HATIFI cards you can manage and pay your fixed phone bills for all kinds of HATIFI services.


Cards class

Calling period

Receiving period

550 YER

30 days

60 days

1100 YER

75 days

60 days

2200 YER

180 days

60 days

4400 YER

360 days

60 days


How to subscribe:

  1. Cards available in calling centers and sales point’s agents of HATIFI.
  2. You can pay for your postpaid fixed phone using HATIFI cards by dialing (183).
  3. You can reload your prepaid fixed phone (HATIFI AWFER) using HATIFI cards by dialing (184).
  4. You can make direct calls using your credits in HATIFI cards from any fixed phone and to all networks (local, between cities and mobile), through dialing (182).


  1. Prepaid calls through 182.
  2. Payment of fixed phone bills through 183. 
  3. Reload credits of HATIFI AWFER (prepaid fixed phone) through 184.