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Personal (HATIFI)
Prepaid Fixed Phone (HATIFI AWFAR)
Prepaid Fixed Phone (HATIFI AWFAR)

HATIFI AWFAR service package provides you great features and maximum saving, and at the same time you can do all kinds of calling (local, provincial, mobile and international). It has periods of making and receiving calls according to amount charged using scratch cards which are available at different amounts.


1.       Monthly subscription fees: Free

2.       Installation fees(4000) YER

How to subscribe:

1.       Subscribers services centers throughout all provinces in the Republic.

2.       Through (call not go) service – call free number 114

3.       Identity for individuals.

4.       Official letter for organizations.

Feature of the Service:

1.       Ability to reload using HATIFI cards through dialing 184 and follow voice instructions

2.       Calling rates are equal to postpaid service.

3.       Without bills or monthly subscription

4.       Ability to change from postpaid to prepaid for free

Calling Rates:

Calling Type

Rush hours

8 am – 10 pm

Out of rush hours

10 pm – 8 am

From and to fixed phone within province

1.5 YER / minute

0.75 YER / minute

From and to fixed phone between provinces

4.5 YER / minute

2.25 YER / minute

From fixed phone to Yemen Mobile

7 YER / minute

7 YER / minute

From fixed phone to GSM

12 YER / minute

12 YER / minute