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Postpaid fixed phone (HATIFI)
Postpaid fixed phone (HATIFI)


When subscribing to HATIFI (postpaid) , you get a complete package of services keeps you in touch with your family, neighbors, friends and beloved ones; and you enjoy making calls(locally, provincially, mobile and internationally), and you get full control over your bills.


1.      Installation fees (5000) YER + deposits (2000) YER – Taxes not included.

2.       Monthly subscription fees (100) YER.

How to subscribe:

1.      Identity proves for individuals.

2.      Official letter for organizations.

3.      Subscribers services centers throughout all provinces in the republic.

4.      Through (call not go) service – by dialing free number 114

Calling rates:

Calling Type

Rush hours

8 am – 10 pm

Out of rush hours

10 pm – 8 am

From and to fixed phone within province

1.5 YER / minute

0.75 YER / minute

From and to fixed phone between provinces

4.5 YER / minute

2.25 YER / minute

From fixed phone to Yemen Mobile

7 YER / minute

7 YER / minute

From fixed phone to GSM

12 YER / minute

12 YER / minute