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Training Services


The Public Telecommunications Company  provides - through The General Telecommunication Institute (GTI) - training Services for companies, foundations and individuals and offers the following programs and training courses: -


1.       Network VoIP Programs.

2.       Application Development Programs by HTML.

3.       GIS Courses.

4.       Oracle Developer (Forms And Reports).

5.       Visual C++ Programs.

6.       Fundamentals of optical fiber communications Program.

7.       PHOTOSHOP Programs.

8.       ASP.NET Programs.


10.   AutoCAD Program.

11.   STAAD. Pro Structural analysis and design software training courses

12.   SQL Program.

13.   Rental classrooms and computer labs.

14.   Statistical Analysis Using SPSS courses.

15.   Course in modern methods of regulation and simplification of procedures.

16.   Course in modern methods of auditing and controlling using computers.

17.   Course in The Modern Entrance to marketing and skills development.

18.   Marketing and Sales Information Systems and Database.

19.   Feasibility studies and evaluation of projects using computer.

20.   failures measurements of optical fiber communications Program.


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