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Information Systems and Technology Services
Information Systems and Technology Services

Public Telecom Corp. provides IT services (Developing and Networking) to companies and organizations through IT Administration:

Software Development:

1.      Provide, develop and integrate information systems and applications that fit the needs of organizations according to your organizations, and provide operation, maintenance and support according to contracts agreed upon.

2.      Study, analyze and design system and applications that satisfy the needs of your organization.

3.        Build data center infrastructure with world-class scientific and technical standards to provide the capability needed to handle data center services for both public and private sectors.

4.      Provide studies and researches in areas related to IT to keep up with technological advancements and adopt them in our services.

5.      Conduct field visits to ministries, government organizations and private and mixed sector to identify their needs of IT services and provide them with propositions and recommendations that satisfy their needs.

6.       Analyze targeted local market needs of IT services.

7.      Provide consultation services to all beneficiaries and targeted organizations.

8.      Provide assistance and technical support for e-Government development according to government requirements and attitudes.

9.      Design and develop databases for organizations and integrate them with each other through a unified network and identify the way it works, type, size and systems that guarantee its operations, maintenance and ease of use.   


1.      Design and implement IT projects.

2.      Network infrastructure solutions and system administration including:

Microsoft, Cisco, Citrix, Clouding and Virtualizations, Email System, VoIP and New hardware technology like: Blade servers, SAN storage, Tape library, Anti-spam appliances.

3.      Provide consultations, technical support and remote administration solutions including:

·         Systems administration.

·         Design and implement information security procedures.

·         Assess and manage systems security.

·         Network monitoring systems.

·         Assessment of IT infrastructure.

·         Systems uptime assurance.

·         Disaster contingencies and management.

·         IT strategy.

·         IT standards auditing.

4.      Websites design and development includes:

·         Analyze requirements.

·         Functional design.

·         Application design.

·         Application development.

·         Deployment

5.      After production support.