Yemen Telecom
Business (HATIFI)
Transmission Channels E1
Transmission Channels E1

Choose economical solutions for your business needs to transmit voice and video calls and exchange digital data in a highly secure manner, and connect your offices throughout Yemen using high quality and capacity network with centrally management capabilities.


To get the service, you’re welcome to visit Public Telecom Corp. head office.

How to Subscribe:

1.      Official letter from organization

2.      Approach to Public Telecom Corp. head office to complete the procedure.


1.      High speed network up to 2 Mbps.

2.      High security and privacy.

3.      Give great discounts when ordering large number of channels for longer periods.

4.      Free calls within fixed phone network in case it’s connected to digital exchange.

5.      Connected to internet (as service provider)

6.      Ability to provide a numbering class(even up to 1000 number)