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Business (HATIFI)
Private Automated Branch Exchange (PABX)
Private Automated Branch Exchange (PABX)

This service is provided to complete communication channels to satisfy your needs and your business requirements through connecting your organization with internal network connected to small phone central.


Depending on the capacity of central.

How to subscribe:

1.     Official letter for organization.

2.     Visit Public Telecom Corp. head office to complete the procedure.


1.     You can provide a 5 stars hotel phone central system with accurate billing system, directly connecting to Internet from internal number and high flexibility in numbering internal and external lines, and provide all the facilities found in normal phone lines.

2.     Ability to combine more than one switches into one switch with ability to disconnect it using

3.     Ability to split one switch into many switches within one organization as independent switch.

4.     Ability to operate and add call center services.

5.     Ability to operate and add voice message services.

Free internal calls for organizations that use switching through internal network.