Yemen Telecom
Business (HATIFI)
Free number 800xxxx
Free number 800xxxx

Free number is the most fascinating service in telecom world to satisfy the needs of business sector to provide customer services assistance and more.


1.         Installation fees (1000) YER

2.         Monthly subscription fees (50,000) YER

How to subscribe:

1.         Official letter for organizations.

2.         Visit Public Telecom Corp. head office to complete the procedure.


1.         Ability to connect the free number to many numbers.

2.         Promotion and advertisement of your products and services.

3.         Receive orders and bookings.

4.         Forward calls to numbers connected to the free number according to the source of call, time, date or day within a week.

5.         Specify times of receiving calls.

6.         Direct calls in case of inability to answer or busy.

7.         Set limits of incoming calls within a day or month to a specific number of calls.

8.         Set limits to each call either by cost or time allocated.

9.         Ability to make discounts according to time, date or day.